GTA 6 Leaks Release Date

Earlier this month, several new GTA 6 leaks surfaced online which revealed the game’s alleged setting, location, and plot details. According to leaks, the game is set in modern-day Vice City, and another location based on Puerto Rico with two playable protagonists with one of them being a female. Both protagonists will have their own set of missions which will apparently influence the in-game world which will evolve and change over the course of the game.

GTA 6 Leaks Release Date

GTA 6 won’t be ready until 2024/25 as it is still in the early development stages. This ‘leak’ has been corroborated by both Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier who have confirmed that GTA 6 is still not ready for release anytime soon.

GTA 6’s map was also allegedly leaked online and if it’s to be believed, then the game truly is set in Florida/ Vice City. Reddit user u/ColonelPuffin compared the leaked map with GTA 5’s map to show how large GTA 6’s world is. GTA 6 will apparently feature swampy regions, forests, a theme park called Fred’s Fun World as well as small towns in between. 

Rumours surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI have long been in circulation, but a well-timed confirmation from trusted industry journalist – Jason Schreier of Bloomberg – has caused gamers the world over to sit up in their ergonomic seats, and lean forwards in anticipation. Taking to Twitter, Schreier backed the intel publicised by a prolific leaker famed for being on the money when it comes to Call of Duty and Battlefield, Tom Henderson.

The marketing budget of Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, is also a good indication that GTA 6 has a release date slated for sometime around 2025. As reported by VentureBeat, the latter’s 10-K SEC filing which outlines financial plans across the next five years shows the company is forecasting a considerable spike in advertising spend – US$89 million between April 2023 and the end of March 2024. For reference, that’s more than half the marketing budget for the next decade set aside for a single fiscal year.

So when is GTA 6 coming out? Unfortunately, the new GTA 6 hasn’t even been officially announced, never mind given a release date. That means that there’s not much to go on from developer Rockstar Games about Grand Theft Auto 6 at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that we haven’t got a rough idea of when we can expect to get our hands on the new GTA.

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